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PVC foam panels for transoms, inserts in foam sandwich structures, backing plates and more.
Our AquaPlas panels are a lamination grade PVC foam manufactured for fiberglass boat building.

The panels are especially treated to guarantee good adhesion between panels and laminate. Impact resistance is high: see the video of our Destruction Test.
While it is used professionally with polyester resins,
as for all synthetic cores, we strongly recommend to use high performance epoxy resins like Silver Tip.
Panels are 1/2″ thick (12 mm), 48 by 96″ (122 by 244 cm).
For transoms, we build thickness by layering several panels with GelMagic epoxy glue.
Weight is less than plywood, density is 0.60 (=37 pounds/cubic foot). Flexural modulus is 295,000 Psi, and it has great screw retention strength (much higher than lighter foams).

Please note when you purchase the Half, Third, or Quarter sheets the sheet size may be slightly smaller that what is listed due to the 1/4″ router bit used to make the cuts.

Smaller sheets can be shipped via UPS Ground. Please call our office (772-742-8535) with any questions concerning sizes and shipping.

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