Awlwood MA Gloss And Satin Finish


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Awlwood MA is an exterior clear system that is made up of a Primer and Clear Finish. By combining the Primer and Clear together, the synergistic effect results in an outstanding performing system that adheres and bonds directly to the wood cellular structure giving extended performance and retaining the same gloss, DOI and natural appearance as first application.

    • Formulated to deeply penetrate the grain/wood, even tropical hardwoods, and thus give longer lasting color stability and improved system adhesion


    • Has a chemical affinity for the wood and locks directly onto the wood structure, gives superior flexibility and unrivalled resistance to delamination at damage points


    • Penetrates deep into the wood grain allowing the natural color and grain of wood to shine through


  • Contains high performance colorants that impregnate the wood structure to mimic the tones of the natural wood colorants. As natural color of wood fades due to white light, colorants take over and retain their initial color leaving the wood with a rich appearance


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