Boat Builder Central

In 1986, Jacques Mertens-Goossens, at that time owner of Morgen’s Diesel and Marine, created the first online marine business. In 1991, our boat plans and engineering services became available on the internet. Our first website showing boat plans was started that same year. In 1993, we began showing our study plans and pictures of our boats. We also operated our first online order system. 

In 2016, the business was purchased by Jeff Morrow. Jeff and Jacques continue to be partners in the selling of high-quality boat plans.

Boat Builder Central is now a leader in the professional and Do-It-Yourself boat building and repair industries.

We are a family owned and operated business based in Fort Pierce, Florida, a town with a rich boat building tradition, and have been supplying and assisting builders and boat enthusiasts for over 30 years. In our new, over 7,000 square foot facility, we have everything you need to build, maintain, or restore your own craft. We carry high quality marine plywood, paint, epoxy, fiberglass, and other materials and tools needed to build or repair your boat. In addition, we also have over 150 boat plans, many of which have Do-It-Yourself, ready to build, CNC Kits. That’s right! We cut the parts, you put it together!

The most important asset you will find is our team of boat building specialists who are eager to assist you. We support our worldwide customer base by including our knowledge online. In fact, we have built an online library of how-to documents and tutorials to share with our customers. If you need more help, we are always just a phone call or email away with answers. 

Thanks for visiting our site. We look forward to working with you!