MarinEpoxy-Fiberglass Kit Mangusta 20 (MG20)

Here is what is included:

  • Epoxy Resin Kit: 24 Gallons
  • Woodflour: 5 pounds
  • Blended Filler: 1 1/2 pounds
  • 12 oz – 6” Biaxial Tape: 360 yards
  • 6 oz – 4” Woven Tape: 50 yards
  • 12 oz – 50” Biaxial Cloth (45/45): 85 yards

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Shipping Included in Foam Option Pricing

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The epoxy-fiberglass kits do not include the plans or the plywood!

The kit includes all the epoxy and fiberglass listed in our Bill of Materials. Our MarinEpoxy Resin is a high-performance marine resin specially formulated for our building method. It has a low viscosity and is ideal for fiberglass lamination. It wets the fiberglass evenly and fast. The mixing ratio is simple: one volume of hardener for two volumes of resin.

To make putty and glue, mix the resin with the fillers supplied in the kit. Add filler to reach a ketchup like viscosity for glue, add more fillers to a peanut butter consistency for fillets and putty. For information on how to use resin and fiberglass please visit our tutorials.

More Supplies, Refills, and Custom Kits:

Our kits contain enough resin and fiberglass to completely finish your boat. The quantities are based not only on our BOM calculations but also on years of experience and feedback from our builders. In many cases, we supply too much resin because it is more economical to buy a large quantity. We also include a 15% waste and you should not run out of resin, however, first time builders may need more resin. Some may want to fiberglass more than what we specify or double the layers. In those cases, more resin may be needed. We sell extra resin and hardener separately at our online store At you will also find accessories, tools, paint, and everything that you may need to customize your kit.

Discounts and vouchers:

If you bought the plans for this boat or an epoxy-fiberglass trial kit, you received a discount voucher for up to $50. You can use it for all kits listed at this web site but you must email the voucher number. Simply order a kit through our online order form and type the voucher number in additional information and we will apply the discount to your order.

Foam Option:

Our plans show optional foam. To make this boat unsinkable we recommend our Coast Guard approved buoyancy foam. Each gallon expands to an average of 4 cubic feet. One cubic foot provides 62 lbs. of positive flotation.

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