Alexa’s Rocket 15 Boat Plans (AR15)

[AR15] Alexa’s Rocket: a performance sailing dinghy.


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Alexa’s Rocket is a performance sailing dinghy in the style of famous Australian dinghies like the Javelin. Those boats report speeds of up to 20 mph while planing.

She differs from the Javelin by her mid section: we designed her with 5 panels, 2 chines while the Javelin Class restricts the hull to one chine per side. Our design has a flat bottom panel that will help her get on plane faster.

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LOA: 15'-6" 4,73 m Max. Beam: 6'-1" 1,86 m Hull weight: 140 lbs. 64 kg Sail area: 140 sq.ft. 13m2


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