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AwlGrip J3006 Converter – AWL-BRITE PLUS is a buffable, high build, three-component clear urethane for marine brightwork. It provides a far more durable finish than varnish, is faster curing and as easy to apply. Do not use below the waterline.
The Awlbrite product line is based on a three-component system, and so requires mixing the base with the converter and activator.


Mix by volume 2 parts J3005 Base with 1 part J3006 Converter and 1/2 part A0031. A suggested mix is 4 oz. J3005 + 2 oz. J3006 + 1 oz. A0031= 7 oz. total. Additional A0031 can be added to help maintain a wet edge in warm weather, but the standard mix of 2:1:1/2 is required for proper cure. Mix only enough for one sealer coat. Apply one thin coat, allow to cure 8-12 hours.


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