Cat Boat 12 Boat Plans (C12)

[C12] A fast but stable cat boat.


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When we researched the design of an easy to build, easy to sail 12′ catboat with a Marconi sail, we found probably 20 examples in our library. From the Penguin to the Cherub plus a dozen other boats in the same style, this was nothing new except that none combined modern materials with ease of building. All were old fashioned plywood on frame designs except of the Cherubs but those ones were not easy to build. The Bruce Farr designed Cherub was one of the best but we liked the low chine of some others and the result is our Cat 12. Not as complicated as the Penguin, probably a better sailor too, she is without a doubt much easier to build and to sail. The wide beam will provide good forgiving stability to a beginner but as he gains experience he will enjoy the performance potential and maybe be race her against other boats of her size. The ideal crew is one or two persons.

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LOA: 11' 11" 3,63 m Max. Beam: 5' 3" 1,60 m Hull weight: 135 lbs. 54 kg Sail area: 77 sq.ft. 7.2 m2


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