Chenoa 14 Boat Plans (CH14)

[CH14] A traditional Native American style canoe.


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The Chenoa canoe is a single chine boat using 4 panels for construction. Designed in classic style typical of the Native American canoe: high bow with reverse curvature, pronounced sheer, with a slight tumblehome at the bows. She is the sister boat of our Hiawatha canoe, a double chine or 6 panel boat.

Note that their hull shape is different from the “barge type” production canoes. Our canoes are narrower at the waterline which makes them fast and nimble. However, the chine must be immersed for stability. This means that they are designed to carry a load proportional to their size. Do not build the 16′ version if you plan to mostly use the canoe alone. If the boat is not loaded to it’s waterline, it will not have the expected stability.
The 12′ version is ideal for one person, maybe one adult and a child: normal load up to 200 lbs (80kg).
The 14′ version is ideal for one or two adults: between 180 and 400 lbs (75 to 180 kg).
The 16′ is an ideal camping canoe (cargo type) that will be happy loaded with minimum 250 lbs and up to 500 lbs ( 90 to 225 kg). When loaded with only one person, the 16′ will work better if some ballast is added.

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LOA: 14' / 4,3m Beam: 35" / 9m Weight: 55-66lbs. / 25-30k


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