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This collapsing trailer design grew from a desire to have a bit more comfort than a tent. When arriving at a campsite and it’s raining – hopping into your dry and comfy trailer is a lot nicer than setting up a tent. You can cook inside if it’s cold or wet outside or move the stove to a picnic table when the weather is nice. Even if it rains, the roof overhangs the door, so you can leave the door open. Just pick up the tongue of the trailer and rotate the trailer to face into the wind.

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LOA 8’-2 3/4” 2.50 m Width 5’-3 1/2” 1.61 m Height Expanded 6’-3” 1.91 m Height Collapsed 4’-3 ¼” 1.30 m Weight 650 lbs. 300 kg


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