Quantum Roller Covers 6″


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Quantum 6-inch Mohair Roller Covers release primer evenly onto the application surface to create a very smooth finish. These durable, resilient roller covers are constructed of woven, shed-resistant mohair and fine polyester fibers. Solvent-safe mohair and roller core. For use with primers only.
Quantum 6-Inch Foam Roller Covers are designed to help you achieve the smoothest finish and highest gloss possible when applying Quantum 99 Polyurethane Topcoat and Quantum 99 Clear Coat marine finishes. High-density foam with a 3/8″ nap. These premium quality ‘hot dog’ roller covers are available in a package of 4. Note: These foam roller covers are for use with Topside Paints ONLY. For Quantum primers, use Quantum Primer 6 in. Mohair Roller Covers

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