Interlux Clear Wood Sealer Two Part Kit


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Interlux Clear Wood Sealer includes:

  • 1- quart clear base
  • 1- quart curing agent
  • NOTE: Interlux Clear Wood Sealer is a TWO PART system. BOTH parts must be purchased and mixed together for proper application.

    Interlux Clear Wood Sealer is a fast-drying urethane used for priming wood prior to application of single part varnishes or two component urethane finishes.
    It is easily absorbed, fills grains with ease, and forms a strong bond between the wood and various paint and varnish systems.

    Clear Wood Sealer is ideal for new boat production environments, restoration projects, or seasonal maintenance work as it drastically reduces the time and effort traditionally required to achieve high-quality results. This is achieved due to rapid drying/overcoating times, and great film build. The fast-drying properties allow users to apply multiple coats in one day, reducing the turnaround time of the project and saving money.


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