Janus 22′ Full Boat Plans (JA22)

Simple 4 berth, 22′ trailable cat with dory hulls – Full Boat Plans


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Don’t be deceived by Janus’ simple dory shaped hulls (which make it a very easy boat to build). It has a lot of internal room for its length and surprisingly good performance. Trailering and assembly are easy as the flat bottomed hulls remain upright unsupported. Janus is the best choice for the less experienced builder or sailor and for those who prefer simplicity. The flat bottoms also make trailering easy as again no special chocks are needed. Just a flat bed trailer. Janus has a short light mast so its easy to “walk” it up. Raising the mast is the biggest problem with trailable boats. One reason why we prefer small ones as they have lighter masts.

Designed by Richard Woods

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LENGTH O.A.6.65m 22ft LENGTH W.L.6.0m 20ft BEAM O.A 3.9m 13ft DISPL (empty) 0.4T 1000lbs DISPL (to WL) 0.8T 1800lbs HEADROOM 1.22m 4ft DRAFT 0.25 – 0.8m 10in – 2ft8in SAIL AREA 20.9sq m 230sqft


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