MI Bateau Round Chine Boat Plans (MI12S)

[MI12S] Mc Innis bateau, round chine version.


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The MI Bateau is our version of the classic Mc Innis Bateau. This well-known hull is described in several books and the original plans are available from the Mystic Seaport Museum.
The name “bateau” is French for boat and it is used all over North America for every different type of boat. This one is in the same category as the Adirondack guide boats, shaped like a wide canoe but not really a canoe. The bateau is much wider and uses oars, not paddles.
It is an excellent all-around rowboat, very able and seaworthy.
While researching the hull shape, we discovered a number of different versions adapted by famous designers like Herreshoff. Ours is close to the plans published in one of John Gardner’s book “Building Classic Small Crafts”.

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LOA: 12' 6" 3,80 m Max. Beam: 4' 1,20 m Hull weight: 60 to 80 lbs 30 to 37 kg Designed displacement/draft 413lbs/4" 185l/10cm Immersion: 138 lbs/1" 62 l/1cm


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