Nutshell 7 Boat Plans (N7)

[N7] A minimum dinghy for rowing or outboard.


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This design is based on the dinghy of a friend, a long-range cruiser. Jose had the only boat flying Azorean flag and a small but very cute dinghy. He carried the dinghy on deck and while she is a light boat easy to launch and retrieve, she has sufficient buoyancy to move anchors around in case of need. The Nutshell has less capacity than the D4 or PK78: the ideal crew is one person but she can carry some passengers if they are careful and distribute their weight properly. Besides rowing well with one person on board, she has other advantages: she is very easy and fast to build, there are no butt joints.

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LOA: 7' 6"' 2,30 m Max. Beam: 4' 1,20 m Max. HP: 2 HP outboard Designed weight: 52 lbs. 24 kg Material: Stitch & Glue


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