Pettit EZ-Prime High Build Topside Undercoater White


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A multipurpose primer designed for use as a base coat whenever the surface to be painted is aged, cracked, checked, pitted, or in any way less than smooth. It can be applied to fiberglass, wood, properly etched metal, and previously painted surfaces. EZ Prime fills imperfections fast, dries quickly, and is easy to sand. Its high-solids formula has excellent filling and covering properties that produce a smooth, prepared surface often times in just a one-coat application. So versatile, it can be used below all Old Salem, Z-Spar, Shipendec, and Pettit single and 2-part topside enamels. Not for use below the waterline. EZ Prime can be tinted to better match the finish enamel so there is not such a striking contrast between the two colors.

California Residents see Prop 65 Warnings

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