Pettit Trinidad 75 Bottom Paint


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Trinidad 75 is a hard epoxy antifouling boat bottom paint with extremely high cuprous oxide content (nearly 61%) to aggressively combat marine growth in even the most torrid, tropical conditions. Professional boat painters around the world choose Trinidad 75 for years of dependable protection.

Perfect for both power and sailboats, this durable hard finish exhibits excellent adhesion to fiberglass, wood, and steel hulls. Its compatibility with all properly prepared hard bottom paints permits safe overcoating without fear of lifting. Fast-dry formula lets you paint and launch the same day under certain conditions.

Trinidad 75 is covered by Pettit’s HD Hull Defense 18 month limited warranty for additional peace of mind.

Available in Gallons in Blue, Red, Green, and Special Black.

Technical Data Sheet

DRY TIME AT TEMPERATURE To Recoat (Hours) To Launch (Hours)
90°F 2 8
70°F 4 16
40°F 6 24

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