Plyak 12 Boat Plans (PY12)

[PY12] A 12′ touring and fishing kayak with self-draining cockpit.


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The boat is not only easy to build but also easy to use. While it does not offer the same performance and capability as the Eskimo kayaks designed by Evan Gatehouse (see the Orca’s design from 16 to 21′), this kayak is perfect for touring and fishing. It is very safe thanks to its self-draining cockpit and unsinkable with the addition of some buoyancy foam. While not a Sit On Top (SOT) or a traditional sit-in kayak, the PY12 has the advantage of both types: unsinkable and easy to enter like a SOT, low center of gravity, and capacity of a sit-in kayak. The PY12 has higher freeboard than a SOT but the deck height above the sole and the deck angle guarantee easy paddling with no interference between the paddle and side deck. The large cockpit is easy to enter and exit, an important feature for the fisherman or anybody who wants to easily get in and out of the boat. The displacement at the designed water line is 350 lbs, this means more than 300 lbs capacity: the kayak will accept a large person and their gear. The hull is a simple vee with a skeg. The deck can be customized to the builder’s preference. At around 40 lbs, this kayak is easy to load on a roof rack or in the back of a truck.

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LOA: 12' 4" 3,75 m Max. Beam: 33" 0.84 m Displacement/draft 350 lbs/6" 160l/ 15cm Weight 38 to 50 lbs 17 to 23 kg


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