Pontoon Cat Boat Plans (PC22)

The Pontoon Cat is a Versatile family day cruise, or party boat.


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Family day cruise, protected waters fishing, or party boat, the Pontoon Cat has little to do with the pontoon boats based on aluminum tubes. The easily driven hulls are much more efficient than plain cylinders, much quieter and not subject to corrosion.

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LOA: 20' 6.1 m Max. Beam: 8'6" 2,40 to 3 m Hull draft (2000 lb): 8" 20 cm Displacement at DWL: 2000 lbs 900 liters PPI at DWL: 250 lbs/in 45 KG/cm Fuel: 20 gallons 80 Liters Recommended engine 10 to 50 HP 7.5 to 40 Material: Plywood cored epoxy composite


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