Prisma Composites Preform Beams/Planks Carbon Capped


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Prisma Preforms are lightweight structural components of laminated fiberglass composite structures.

PRISMA Engineering Considerations

Lighter weight than traditional materials

Equivalent or greater stiffness than aluminum

Equivalent or greater strength than wood

The integral design of the preform creates a toughened interface between the fiberglass and the foam allowing the outer surface of the preform to be much stiffer than normal 2 pound foam

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  • 0-90 or +- 45
  • 24 oz.
  • Fiberglass w/ non-woven polyester backing
  • 2 PCF floatation grade polyerethane foamSuggested Applications
  • Stringers
  • Fuel tank support
  • Large fiberglass structures
  • Panel sized reductions in hulls

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

TRC-2515 4FT, TRC-2515 8FT, TRC-4007 4FT, TRC-4007 8FT, TRC-4010 4FT, TRC-4010 8FT


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