Quattro 16 Boat Plans (QTR16)

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Single trapeze racing beach cat, 16′ long, easy to build.


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The QUATTRO 16 is a twin trapeze high performance racing cat that has proven faster than the Hobie 16 or Dart 18. The hulls are rounded V built using the “stitch and glue” plywood technique which results in stiff, light-weight hulls (two adults can carry a fully rigged Quattro up the beach).
Small skegs help tacking and pointing and protect the hull bottoms when beaching. A forward beam is used to stiffen the forestay. “A very easy to build, fast and successful racing catamaran” Boats and Yachting Magazine.

Designed by Richard Woods.

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LOA: 16’2” 5m LWL 16ft 4.85m BOA 8ft 2.45m Weight: 300lb 135kg Sail Area: 195 ft2 18 m2 Material: Plywood, fiberglass, epoxy.


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