Row 13 Boat Plans (R13)

[R13] Recreational row boat.


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A rowboat design without compromise to other modes of propulsions. She is a recreational rowboat, not a sculling boat. She has no outriggers, the initial stability is good and she can carry passengers. The picture shows straight seat top sides but we usually build extended curved sides much longer like the ones on the 10′ V-bottom dinghy. The plans show the curved seat option. The two different weights refer to a standard and a light version. The light version uses 4mm marine ply.

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LOA: 13' 4" 4,10 m Max. Beam: 4' 4 " 1,30 m Max. HP: 2 HP outboard Designed weight: 65/100 lbs. 30/45 kg Material: Stitch & Glue


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