Saylon 20 Boat Plans (SA20)

Saylon 20 inshore bridgedeck cabin trailable cruiser


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(text by Richard Woods)

I have resisted designing a small bridgedeck cabin catamaran until now because I was brought up sailing in the generally rough and windy English Channel and so have always designed boats that would suit those conditions. However as I traveled the world I began to realize that many areas have much more benign conditions than we do in the UK, particularly in the USA and Australia. Both places where people may live a long way from the sea and sailing on lakes is their only option.

This is probably why the small trailable bridgedeck cabined catamarans are popular in those areas.

Saylon is my version of the concept. It will appeal to those who want to gently cruise for the weekend with a young family (or maybe with grandchildren!) in sheltered sailing waters. It is not intended as an offshore boat, nor for those who want to race. Please check out my other trailable designs if that is what you want to do.

It is a very small boat – some beachcats are longer – so at most it is really only suitable for two adults and two small children. Most small boats trim by the stern when the crew sit in the cockpit. Furthermore, with a single forward cabin the parents get no privacy.

So the major difference between Saylon and other similar boats is that there are a center cockpit and an aft double cabin. That helps keep the weight out of the ends, it also makes sail handling easy and separates the living and sleeping areas.

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LOA 6.1m 20ft LWL 5.9m 19ft4in BOA 2.5m 8ft2in Sail Area Mainsail 13sqm 140sqft Jib 7sqm 75sqft Mast height 8.8m 28ft9in Empty weight 680kgs 1500lbs Displacement to WL 920kgs 2030lbs Draft 285 11in (1000 3ft3in boards down) 2 single berths in hulls 1 double in aft cabin Headroom 1.85m moored 1.35m sailing 6ft 4ft6in


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