SilverTip Hardener (Part B)


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SilverTip Laminating Resin
SilverTip Laminating Resin is a medium-low viscosity, liquid epoxy resin system that has been optimized for coating and reinforcing fabric saturation in wood-composite boatbuilding. It will outperform any other product in these applications. SilverTip Laminating Resin is designed for use with fiberglass, Kevlar, Dynel and graphite as well as on bare wood. It has superior wet-out characteristics with little tendency to foam or trap air. Both the resin and hardener are nearly colorless and are used in an easy 2:1 volumetric ratio. SilverTip Laminating Resin cures to a brilliant blush-free film with either the fast or slow hardener eliminating secondary bonding concerns as experienced with other epoxies. The working time is longer than most boat building epoxies without extending cure time. The cured film is tough and resilient with better heat resistance than other epoxies cured at room temperature. Fillers, wood flour, and bulking agents can be combined with SilverTip Laminating Resin, however, we suggest using the other members of the SilverTip Series for adhesive, filleting and fairing applications.

Recommended Uses:
SilverTip Laminating Resin has been formulated as an optimized system for coating and fiberglassing wooden boats, the repair of fiberglass boats and for use with carbon fiber sporting goods & autobody parts.

Slow Hardener Part B
Fast Hardener Part B


  • Minimum Application Temperature – Fast Hardener: 35°F (2°C) / Slow Hardener: 55°F (13°C)
  • Gel Time @ 77°F (25°C)(100 g mixture) – Fast Hardener: 26 Minutes / Slow Hardener: 60 Minutes
  • Tack Free Time Thin Film@ 77°F (25°C) – Fast Hardener: 3 Hours / Slow Hardener: 6 Hours


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