Skoota 24 Boat Plans (SK24)

24′ power catamaran, folding


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This is a 24ft cruising version of the Skoota 20 and is suitable for sheltered water coastal cruising The length is kept as short as possible to help keep costs and trailing weight down. (There is no point in having a trailable boat to save mooring fees if you need to buy a bigger car to tow it).

Designed by Richard Woods.

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LOA: 24ft 7in 7.52m BWL: 1ft 7in 0.5m BOA: 12ft 11in 3.95m Headroom: 4ft 5in 1.35m (plus lifting hatches) Weight: 1496lb 680Kgs Displacement: 2618lb 1190Kgs LWL: 23ft 9in 7.25m Recommended Horsepower: 1 x 40hp 30kw Material: Plywood, fiberglass, epoxy. Cruising Speed: 10 – 14 knots Fuel Consumption: 10 mpg at 10 knots Berths: 2 single, 1 double


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