Solo Flats Skiff Boat Plans (SK14)

[SK14] A one man flats boat fishing skiff: pole, paddle or outboard.


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Is it an SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), a wide fishing canoe, a small solo flats fishing skiff or all that together? Let’s call her a hybrid solo skiff. The SK14 is a longer and wider version of our FS13. Being a larger skiff, she is heavier and not as nimble as the FS13 but that is the price to pay for more capacity and stability.

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LOA: 14' 4.27 m Max. Beam: 49.5" 125 cm Hull draft at DWL: 2" 5 cm Displacement at DWL: 350 lbs 160 liters PPI at DWL: 195 lbs/in 35 l/cm Designed hull weight 125 lbs 57 kg Freeboard at DWL 7" 18 cm Max. HP 8 5 KW Material: Plywood cored epoxy composite


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