Strike 18 Boat Plans (STK18C)

Strike 18 trimaran complete Boat Plans.


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The 18ft STRIKE is a trimaran design that uses a 16ft beach cat as the outriggers/amas and rig. The main hull is plywood and has a dory shape that is extremely easy to build. The cabin top is removable to convert a fast day sailing boat that sits six in dry comfort into a simple pocket cruiser that sleeps two. You can use most 16 ft beach cats as outriggers (but I do not recommend using the Hobie 16). If you cannot find a suitable donor beach cat then you can build the Quattro 16 to use for outriggers. Please ask for advise if you are uncertain which boat to use. The prototype Strike 18 is one of our personal boats and we sail it as much as we can.

Designed by Richard Woods.

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LOA: 18' 5,5 m Max. Beam: 14' 4.3 m Material: Plywood epoxy


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