Caravelle 16 Boat Plans (CV16)

[CV16] Daysailor, club training boat.


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Comments from the designer: like thousands of others in Europe, I learned sailing aboard a Caravelle. The original Caravelle was a plywood boat with a bow transom, 15’+, designed by the French architect Jean-Jacques Herbulot. They are still used by the famous French sailing school “Les Glenans” and every Club Med has a bunch of them. She is a very pleasant boat: a forgiving trainer with very decent performance and has excellent load-carrying capability. She looks somewhat like the D4 and other Sabots but much bigger. In that type of hull shape, there is also the famous Dinghy Mirror, a British design, mother of all stitch and glue boats. In the US, a similar-looking boat is the Trifle: very pretty lines. But none of these boats is available in a version larger than 11’6″. We designed the Caravelle with features well suited to family sailing: comfortable benches oriented lengthwise and a small cuddy for storage. The best use of 4 sheets of plywood for the hull gave us a length of 14’4″.

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LOA: 14' 4 " 4,40 m Max. Beam: 5' 9 " 1,75 m Max. HP: 6 HP outboard Designed weight: 160 lbs. 73 kg Sail area: 96 sq.ft. 9 m2


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