Cat 22 Boat Plans (CT22)

[CT22] Boat plans for a 22′ modern catamaran for twin outboards.


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This design sat on our drafting table for almost 20 years. It started with somebody showing me the lines of a cat used by the Australian Coast Guard and asking for an epoxy-plywood version. We did not go very far. A catamaran cost more in material and labor than a monohull and after a quick estimate, the project went on the back burner.

Over the years, the same request came back regularly and as many of our builders have proven that they can successfully tackle elaborate projects, I went back to the drawing board and here is the result, our Cat 22 (CT22).

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LOA: 21' 6" 6,56 m. Max. Beam: 8' 3" 2,52 m. Displacement/draft 2.650 lbs / 13" 1200 l / 0.33 m. Tunnel height at rest 16" 40 cm Fuel: 2 x 30 gallons 2 x 140 l. Recommended engine 2 x 90 HP 2 x 67 kW


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