Pettit EZ-Poxy Topside Paint Performance Enhancer, 8 oz.


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EZ-Poxy performance enhancer is an additive that can be used in all Pettit high gloss solvent based topside paints: EZ-Poxy, EZ-Decks, EZ-Bilge and Varnishes. Its advanced formulation reacts with the paint it is mixed in to cross-link polymers within the paint film, providing exceptional durability, gloss, hardness, gloss retention, scratch resistance, and longevity. Unlike other two-part urethanes, paints catalyzed with this hardener can be applied over well adhered one-part finishes. EZ-Poxy Performance Enhancer truly makes achieving a high quality, long lasting yacht finish easy.
Increases gloss, hardness, durability and longevity of Pettit solvent based topside finishes

Provides the durability and gloss of linear polyurethanes with the ease of use of enamels and one-part polyurethanes

Increases flow out of brush strokes and roller stipple, providing a mirror-like high gloss finish
California Residents see Prop 65 Warnings

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in


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