Down East Cruiser 23 Boat Plans (DE23)

[DE23] Long cabin version of our NV23.


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The DE23 is the long cabin version of our NV23. She combines traditional styling with an efficient, easy to build planing hull. She is not a true lobster boat of the double wedge type or a pure fast planing hull. The hull type is similar to what is now frequently called a picnic boat; a seaworthy planing boat but the topsides are more in the Down East cruising boat style. We kept the deep forefoot of the modern fast lobster boat hull but the underbody is a true monohedron. This means that the transition to planing speeds will be smooth without any excessive change of trim and without the wasteful suction of warped bottoms running at an S/L higher than 2.
(S/L ratio is speed in knots divided by square root of WL in feet. Displacement boats are the ones with an S/L<1.3, planing boats have S/L>2)
The Down East 23 will perform well at displacement speeds in bad weather and run efficiently at moderate planing speeds with relatively small engines.

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LOA: 22' 10" 6,96 m Max. Beam: 8' 2 " 2,49 m Hull Draft at DWL: 8" 203 mm Hull weight: 1,500 lbs. 680 kg Displacement: 2,500 lbs. 1140 liters PPI at DWL: 560 lbs. 255 kg Recommended HP 50-100 35-75 Kw Material: Stitch & Glue composite


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