Flats Stalker 18 Boat Plans (FS18)

[FS18] Flats Stalker: a easy to pole, narrow beam flats fishing skiff.


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Another addition to our line of flats boats!

The Flats Stalker is a simple but rugged and easy to pole boat designed for hardcore skinny water sight fishing. It is designed for tiller steering first and has a clean open layout that is easy to customize. It will pole effortlessly into the wind and against the tide, thanks to its narrow and shallow hull. Hull slap is almost nonexistent thanks to the absence of spray rails and low chine design. There is even an option showing a rounded chine towards the bow.

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LOA: 18' 5,50 m Max. Beam: 54" 1,37 m Recommended/Max.: 15/25 HP 12/18 kW Hull weight: 200 to 265 lbs. 90 to 120 kg Hull draft at 765 lbs: 3.5" 8,89 cm. Material: Stitch & Glue


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