Jazz 30 Boat Plans (J30)

Fishing Catamaran 30′


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The Jazz 30′ is a Fishing Catamaran.

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LOA 9.15m 30ft LWL 8.8m 28ft9in BOA 4.2m 14ft Hull Draft .36m 14in Empty weight 1400kgs 3100lbs Displ to WL 2.3T 5000lbs Individual hull width 0.92m 3ft 2in Engines 2 x 40-60hp Max speed est (with 60hp) 25 knots (28mph) (with 40hp) 21 knots (24mph) Maximum fuel consumption at 25 knots 2.5mpg 21 knots 2.6mpg (at cruising speed of 15 knots will be much more efficient 5-7mpg)


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