Mini Maia 21 Boat Plans (MM21)

[MM21] The Mini Maia 21 is the little sister of the Maia 24.


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The Mini Maia 21 MM21 is the small sister of our Maia24 (MT24). This boat is perfect for exploring the Intracoastal Waterway, “The Great Loop” route, the Chesapeake Bay or the Florida Keys. She has a large skeg to protect her from grounding when gunkholing in quiet harbors.

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LOA: 21' 2 "' 6,45 m Max. Beam: 8' 3 " 2,49 m Hull draft: 15.5" .39 m Trailer weight: 1,300 lbs. 589 kg Ballast 200 lbs 90 kg Displacement at DWL: 1,800 lbs. 820 kg Recommended. HP 6-8 HP 4stroke 4-6 kW 4stroke Material: Stitch & Glue


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