NidaPlast H8PP Honeycomb Core


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NidaPlast Honeycomb Core material

It’s the ability to take the weight and brittleness out of a structure while increasing its strength and flexibility. If that is not enough, your new structure is now impermeable to moisture while having excellent sound and vibration damping qualities as well as thermal insulation properties. Industries such as Marine, specialty vehicle, construction, and wind energy are already reaping the benefits of this technology in their manufacturing processes. Benefits: High impact resistance, Rot proof, Thermal insulation, Sound damping/deadening, Chemical resistant, Light weight, High strength, User friendly, Easy installation .

NidaPlast will be shipped as full sheets by a freight shipping company.  We may be able to cut full sheets into smaller pieces and ship via UPS Ground. Please call our office (772-742-8535) to discuss shipping options.

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90mm 4×7, 76mm 4×7, 50mm 4×7, 38mm 4×8, 38mm 4×7, 30mm 4×7 scored, 30mm 4×7, 25mm 4×8 scored, 25mm 4×7 scored, 25mm 4×8, 25mm 4×7, 20mm 4×8, 20mm 4×7 scored, 20mm 4×7, 16mm 4×8 scored, 16mm 4×7 scored, 16mm 4×8, 16mm 4×7, 13mm 4×8, 13mm 4×7 scored, 13mm 4×7, 10mm 4×7 scored, 10mm 4×7, 7mm 4×7 scored/cut, 7mm 4×7 scored, 7mm 4×7, 5mm 4×7 scored, 5mm 4×7


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