Nina 22 Boat Plans (LB22)

[LB22] A small traditional lobster boat that can be used as a fishing launch or picnic boat.

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The Nina (LB22) design is based on a “double wedge” type hull. This what the H. Sucher writes about them in “The V-Bottom Boat”:

” . . . The double wedge power launch, so-called because its form presents a wedge-shaped appearance both in profile and plan view . . . modern powerboat hulls based upon it are considered by many naval architects and knowledgeable boatmen to be among the best all-around performers” and further ” . . the most useful and attractive feature of these launches is their ability to maintain good speed and handle well in rough or choppy water without pounding or undue spray throwing.”

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LOA: 21' 9 "' 6,63 m Max. Beam: 6' 11" 33 c m Draft at DWL: 13" 24 cm Hull weight: 950 lbs. 425 kg Displacement at DWL: 2,000 lbs. 909 kg PPI at DWL: 425 lbs. 193 kg Recommended. HP 30 to 50

1 review for Nina 22 Boat Plans (LB22)

  1. Eric S

    Built the first of this type. Lovely boat.

    She is wet without spray rails in a breeze, but a dream in the calm. Smooth riding, quiet, and elegant. Built open, she had room enough for a large family or two couples with a kid or two.

    Do not overpower her, the change in trim due to the weight isn’t worth the small increase in speed. I built her with 50hp, and would strongly recommend staying at or below that number.

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