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The OC17 is the open cockpit version of our C17, a compact cruiser with a seaworthy classic style hull similar to the C19.

The hull is identical to the C17 design: generous volume, ample freeboard, well defended bow. In proper hands, this boat can take bad weather safely. The deadrise is 45 degrees at the cutwater progressing towards 11 degrees at the transom. This is an ideal hull shape that will run smoothly in bad weather but with a vee moderate enough to provide good stability at slow speed without the wild roll typical of deeper vee hulls.

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LOA: 17' 2" 5,24 m Max. Beam: 7' 2,14 m Hull draft at DWL: 8" 20 cm Displacement DWL: 1,500 lbs 682 kg PPI at DWL: 350 lbs 159 kg Hull weight: 650 lbs. 285 kg HP 50 Material: Stitch & Glue


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