Orca 16 Boat Plans (SK16)

[SK16] A smaller version of our Orca 17 (SK17).


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While our Orca 17 sea kayak is for larger paddlers who might spend a week or two on the water, this sea kayak is for smaller paddlers in the 100 – 160 lb weight range (45 – 73 kg). It is not a simple scaling of the Orca 17 but a complete redesign. We flattened the aft deck more to keep the weight and windage down but kept the high peaked inverted V shaped foredeck that sheds waves so well. This boat will be fast and responsive and the lower windage and slightly less beam will help smaller paddlers keep up with a bigger kayak partner. It has a shallow V hull which provides good initial stability and will feel comfortable for a beginner. It will be best suited for day trips or up to week long tours.

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LOA: 15'-7" 4.73 m Max. Beam: 23" .58 m Displacement at Designed WL: 305 lbs. 138 kg Material: Stitch & Glue


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