Nesting Dinghy 11 Boat Plans (FB11)

[FB11] This dinghy comes apart for storage! But once assembled, it moves… with oars, sail or outboard.

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Less than 6′ (1,80m) long when nested but almost 11′ assembled, this dinghy is not only ideal to store on deck of a larger boat but in the back of a pickup truck or for the winter in a corner of the garage. The two parts are locked together by the removable center seat and secured by a set of simple bolts with wing nuts. She rows well but can also be fitted with the same sprit sail than the D4 and PK78. She can take up to 4 HP: the plans show transom reinforcements for outboard use.

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LOA: 10' 6" 3,20 m Max. Beam: 4' 2" 1,25 m Max. HP: 4 HP outboard Designed weight: 70 lbs. 32 kg Material: Stitch & Glue

1 review for Nesting Dinghy 11 Boat Plans (FB11)

  1. Bill Blazina

    I built the first FB 11 in 2001 for rowing/motor. It goes together easily , rows excellent, motors well with an electric (Torquedo)motor. We used it for getting ashore when living on the sailboat (Allied Princess 36 ketch 1981), to get groceries,water,ect ashore motors at 6kts with electric motor so blowup dingies with big motors would blow me away but when I got there,Dry and saw how wet they were ……we be slow enjoy the ride. Built a second FB11 in 2003 for a friend made it with sailing option, daggerboard, mast partner, rudder . turned out nice so I converted no 1 to sail as well. sails nicely with simple square sail. and sprite pole. seaworthy,

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