Otter 16 Boat Plans (OT16)

[OT16] An able open rowing skiff with an auxiliary sail.


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The requirements for the Otter 16 were simple: an able open rowing skiff with auxiliary sail. This had to be a rowboat first. A length around 16′, lets us use long oars and is about ideal for a serious rowboat, smaller skiffs do not have sufficient inertia to go through a chop. This size also provides sufficient seaworthiness and ample capacity for camping cruising or fishing. The layout can be used for single or double rowing. The sail is an auxiliary sail: small are and spars that can be stowed inside while rowing; the small daggerboard and rudder do not affect rowing performance.

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LOA: 15'-6" 4,73 m Max. Beam: 4'-1" 1,25 m Max. HP: 2 outboard Designed weight: 160 lbs. 73 kg Sail area: 65 sq.ft. 6 m2


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