Sport Boat 18 Boat Plans (SB18)

[SB18] A trailerable high performance sail boat with lifting keel.


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Our second-generation stitch and glue is the ideal material for a light and fast sport boat. The plywood cored epoxy-fiberglass composite panels are stronger and stiffer than a plain fiberglass skin and the construction of such a boat is within the reach of any amateur builder.
The 5-panel hull shape is easy to build. It has less wet area than a sharpie hull but still has the flat bottom ideal for good downwind performance and planing.

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LOA: 18' 5,50 m LWL: 16' 11" 5 m Max. Beam: 8' 2,44 m Displacement at DWL: 1460 lbs 662 kg Draft CB version: (up/down) 7" / 4' 7" 18 / 140 cm Draft bulb keel version: (up/down) 18" / 5' 2" 45 / 160 cm Hull weight: 520 lbs. 236 kg Ballast (CB/keel) 400 / 365 lbs 180 / 165 kg Sail area: (small/large main) 226 / 241 sq .ft. 21 / 22.4 m2


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