Quattro 14 Boat Plans (QTR14)

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Single trapeze racing beach cat, 14′ long, easy to build.


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One or two crew (1 trapeze) The Quattro 14 has a hull shape similar to the PIXIE, but with the addition of small skegs (which help windward performance) and a larger, more sophisticated rig, and a trapeze for extra speed and power. As on the QUATTRO 16 aluminum tube crossbeams are used which through-bolt into the hulls forming a very rigid structure. The QUATTRO 14 is for those who want to race, either singlehanded on the trapeze, or with two light crew (a youth trainer perhaps?)

Designed by Richard Woods.

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LOA: 14’ 4.3m LWL 13ft 6in 4.15m BOA 7ft 2.1m Weight: 190 lb 80 kg Material: Plywood, fiberglass, epoxy.


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