V-Bottom Dinghy 12 Boat Plans (V12)

[V12] General purpose vee bottom type dinghy. Oars, sail or outboard. This is a larger version of our V10.


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This is an excellent and good looking dinghy that can be used for rowing, sailing or with an outboard. Slightly larger than her sister the V10, she has even better-carrying capacity but is still light enough to car top. She is very stable and has a hull shape that will easily go through the chop of a windy anchorage. The V-bottom takes a little more time to build but it makes her a much better boat than a flat bottom. As a tender, she is probably going to be fitted with an outboard most of the time but she will row very properly. She could also be turned into a sailing dinghy with a sprit rig: a sail plan option is included.

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LOA: 12' 3,65 m Max. Beam: 4' 6 " 1,35 m Max. HP: 6 HP outboard Designed weight: 95 lbs. 43 kg Sail area: 39 sq.ft. 3,6 m2


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