Cat Ketch 17 Boat Plans (CK17)

[CK17] A roomy and fast expedition cat ketch.


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An able camping cruiser with good performance and easier to build than any other boat of her type. Faced with many requests for onboard camping features for our Caravelle 16, we decided, instead of modifying the Caravelle, to design a new boat with a clear priority given to simplicity. We choose a typical well-proven sharpie style hull with an unstayed cat ketch rig: simplicity of building and simplicity of sailing. The separated cockpits and ample storage are ideal for extended camping expeditions. This boat would be the ideal tool to explore the Florida Keys or any other remote place.

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LOA: 17' 6" 5,40 m Max. Beam: 6' 1,83 m Draft : 5"/3'5" 0.12/1m Hull weight: 240 lbs. 110 kg Sail area: 118 sq.ft. 11 m2


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