Garvey 17 Boat Plans (GV17)

[GV17] A stable vee hull available in six different deck versions.


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The GV17 is a vee hull garvey with plenty of deck space and reserve buoyancy. Her vee hull will allow smooth runs in choppy seas while the garvey hull shape gives unusual deck area and stability at slow speed. In the hands of the right skipper, she is offshore capable and fit to take engines up to 75 HP. This boat has an enormous capacity: see the displacement at the DWL: 2,500 lb.! This a big safety factor and in all versions, the cockpit is self-bailing. She can be made 100% unsinkable with the addition of buoyancy foam and upright flotation flooded is possible with foam under the gunwales and seats. This boat’s transom is designed for a standard 20″ shaft. The transom can easily be modified to accept other shaft lengths.

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LOA: 16' 8" 5,07 m Max. Beam: 6' 7" 2,10 m Hull draft: 10" 25 cm Hull weight: 600 lbs* 240 kg* Displacement (DWL): 2,500 lbs 1136 kg HP 30 to Max 75 Material: Stitch & Glue composite


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