Garvey 18 Boat Plans (GF18)

[GF18] A simple and economical 18′ flat bottom garvey in the style of the Carolina Skiffs


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Simple and sturdy were the priorities set for this design. The hull is based on our flat bottom garveys like GF16 but our smaller garveys were narrow. We kept their bottoms narrow enough to fit on the width of a standard sheet of plywood. The beam to length ratio of the GF18 is much higher and this produces a very stable boat.

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LOA: 17' 5 " 5,31 m Max. Beam: 7' 1 " 2,16 m Hull weight: 475 lbs. 216 kg PPI at DWL: 375 lbs. 170 kg Recommended. HP 25 40 Material: Stitch & Glue


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