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Our Texas Scooter (model number XFTS19) uses the same hull as the proven XF20 but with a much lower freeboard and a different framing. The low freeboard limits the use of this boat to protected water. We assume that the skipper will be knowledgeable and familiar with the limits of flats boats. Some other TX Scooter designs like the ones based on a catamaran or a full-length tunnel hull have been known to swap ends when driven fast in a chop. We eliminated that risk with our full bow, but still, the XFS19 should not be used offshore. The low freeboard allows the fisherman to step on and off the boat without any ladder: from bottom to deck, the height is 17”.

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LOA 19' 4” 5,90 m Max Beam 7' 8” 2.35 m Hull Draft at DWL 3” 7,5 cm Displacement at DWL 1690 lbs. 765 liters Recommended HP 50 to 75 HP 37 to 55 Kw Material Plywood Cored Epoxy Composite


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