Texas Sled 18 Boat Plans (TX18)

[TX18] Inverted vee flats boat, Hickman sled type.


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The TX18 is an inverted vee boat, Hickman sled type designed for fishing the flats along the Gulf of Mexico or anywhere a shallow draft boat must go long distance in choppy seas.

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LOA: 18' 5,50 m Max. Beam: 8'1" 2,45 m Hull dry weight: 850 lbs. 385 kg Designed displacement/draft 1800 lbs/5" 815 kg/12 cm PPI at DWL: 495 lbs. 224 kg Average Cockpit Depth/ Freeboard 10"/10.5" 25/26 cm Capacity weight/persons per USCG 1250 lbs/ 6 persons 565 kg/ 6 persons Outboard recommended/USCG 50 HP/NA 35 kW/NA Material: Stitch & Glue composite


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